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Jeffrey Briggs: Home


You are happily welcomed here. This site features music and art created by Jeffrey Briggs. I'm a professional guitarist, composer, and teacher specializing in flamenco, Latin American, and classical music. You can hire me for performance or recording, license my music for film, video, or website use, schedule guitar lessons, or workshops, or simply listen to whatever you like here. You can buy albums or individual pieces by hitting the CDBaby or Myspace links under LINKS. I'm proud to exhibit my new photographic discovery in the PHOTOS page. If you scroll down you'll see some bizarre and beautiful images of genuine originality, all displaying quadrilateral symmetry, like a kaleidoscope. I call them Quads. They're both Apollonian and Dionysian - perfectly structured and savagely lyrical. The lights are from LA freeways at night, the flowers from my backyard. If you want to buy any of the images you see here, email me at There are many more to come. I took the photograph of Jaime Torres in the PHOTOS section at the time I was shooting a documentary about him in Argentina - El Charanguero - which is available here on DVD for $25. Guitar music is the central focus here, but when all is in place you will be able to listen to it while looking through the photos, drawings, paintings, collages, diary pages, and videos that are also a part of my artistic legacy. There will be much variety here, but the common thread is a conviction that only through creativity do we finally fulfill our best and most cherished potentials. Art is human expression. Please enjoy the fruits of my humanity. I hope they enhance yours. Jeffrey Briggs Guitarist & Composer Classical, Flamenco, & Latin American Music (310) 839-3580 8905 West 24th St. Los Angeles, CA 90034